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Oh, Simple Thing [tag;Tarzan]


His pride was raging at the idea of being carried down like some damn princess, his wolf snarling at being handled like some delicate flower until Kiba reminded himself that it was either riding Tarzan the entire way down or potentially falling and having to spend a half hour waiting for one of his bones to reset. Or a few, knowing him. Besides, with his arms and legs wrapped around Tarzan he could feel the expanse of his body against his, a sensation he’d honestly missed. Trying not to snuffle at the back of Tarzan’s neck, he just rested his chin on one strong shoulder and closed his eyes as Tarzan began to move.

Fingers splaying out across Tarzan’s collar bones and chest, Kiba tried not to let it show how his stomach felt like dropping or how the experience of falling and bouncing around made him nervous. By the time Tarzan landed, Kiba was rigid and still clinging as tightly as ever, until he realized that he was no longer at risk of breaking his neck.

Swallowing hard, he turned his head, breath playing across Tarzan’s neck and jaw, until he finally just let go and fell onto his feet with a shaky wobble back. “Ugh, one would think that someone like me wouldn’t be so freaked out by heights, but honestly, they’re the worst.” Scratching through his hair, he shook his head and said, “Thank you Tarzan,” Flashing a smile and giving a shaky laugh, he rolled his eyes.

“Hey, if you tell anyone of my fear of heights, I will make you eat those dirty bandages,” He blinked seriously for all of three seconds before he grinned, “Kidding. Sorry you had to carry me like that-oh.” Stepping forward, his fingers went to tuck in some of the bandages along Tarzan’s torso and nodded with satisfaction. “Might’ve had something to do with that…” Letting go, he asked, “Wanna walk with me back to the entrance of the forest? My shirt and shoes are there, so.”

The stillness made Tarzan shift his eyes. And when he felt only Kiba’s head moving and his breath caressing the side of his neck, the zombie had to hold a shaky sigh inside his chest. Kiba unwrapped his arms and legs, moved away, and Tarzan was cold again, clearing his throat and passing with both hands through his hair, eyes shifting. He needed to get a grip. Perhaps these sensations were normal. Perhaps he was extra-sensitive because of that time of the month…Then Tarzan recalled, only some women had that.

He arched his brow at Kiba, staring him in the eye when being threatened. For a moment he wasn’t sure whether he was serious or not. But the slow grin made him feel at ease again. “It’s fine. You’re not as heavy as I ho—” Kiba reached out to touch him again and the zombie had to glance down at the fingers brushing against his bandages. So careful and gentle and yet hiding blood stained claws.

"…You left your clothes on the side of the road?"

Oh, Simple Thing [tag;Tarzan]


Claws digging into the wood, Kiba wondered if he could slice his way down the tree but his fingers ached at the idea. Grumbling under his breath as his feet scraped against the tree while he clung to another branch, he huffed while Tarzan just seemed to bounce down with no hesitance at all. Fearless and graceful was what the male was while Kiba looked like a damn cat stuck in a tree. Rolling his eyes with annoyance, he clenched his jaw and was about to consider jumping until Tarzan reappeared.

Glaring at Tarzan, Kiba replied stiffly, “Since when did you become a freaking cat?” Rolling his eyes as he tried not to give in to the urge to jump because he had no desire to reset any bones, he looked up to see Tarzan looking so smug and actually laughed. “You’re such an ass, you know that? It’s a good look on you.”

Thinking about his options, Kiba eyed Tarzan and finally moved to the side and with a flail of limbs and an elbow to the gut, he grunted and wound his arms around Tarzan’s shoulders. His legs went up and around his hips, clinging tightly, bare chest to a muscled back, he said, “My hero.”

There was something absolutely heart-warming about the way Kiba seemed to cling to the tree branch, all frowns and mumbles and nails scrapping against wood. For a moment Tarzan was worried that the shifter’s pride would be enough for him to just let go of the branch and let the chips fall where they may. Or better yet, his body.

Tarzan blinked, the smugness vanishing into a confused look instead. “I didn’t become a cat…” He frowned. What sort of question was that? His eyes widened once more when Kiba called him an ass only to point out that it looked good on Tarzan. Being an ass. Therefore…Being arrogant seemed to please Kiba. His lower lip stuck out as the wheels in Tarzan’s head started turning.

No. Absolutely not. He had just given out a speech about being who you are and following the natural order of things. Since when was Tarzan the smug douche type of guy? He was so focused on his thoughts that the two slow arms that wrapped around his shoulders caught him a bit by surprise. The warm skin brushing against his cold one left a trail of fire. And when more of Kiba’s skin pressed against Tarzan’s…Well, his throat went dry again.

He was happy Kiba could no longer see his face because Tarzan felt as if his eyeballs could just pop out of his skull. Swallowing dryly he didn’t answer to the shifter’s comment. Instead he proceeded to leaping off the branch and using his hands and feet to land, jump and hold on to the branches that followed. He moved as quickly as he could. As if trying to get away from his own thoughts. Only with the large thud of feet landing on grass did Tarzan realize there was nowhere else left to run to.

One long moment of silence came up as he simply stood there, staring blankly at the floor, enjoying the last seconds of warmth that irradiated from Kiba’s skin. “You’re welcome.”

Oh, Simple Thing [tag;Tarzan]


The words Tarzan said seemed to drop straight into Kiba’s music with a gentle splash that made him stiffen up. Their eyes were glued together, sky blue on sapphire and slowly the shifter inhaled before he smiled and replied, “And zombies shouldn’t be cured. Not when some of them are just fine the way they are.” When Tarzan  looked away, Kiba exhaled and felt his heart give a nervous little flop until he moved to take away the splinter, the little source of annoyance and pain from his skin. Kiba wished he could just be quiet, he was sure apologies about old scars were a bit of a downer but guilt seemed to hang around him like a toxic disease and he just needed to get it out there. Needed to say what he couldn’t before.

Mouth moving without any control as words just tumbled out, Kiba didn’t go quiet until the gentle touch and the drag of his gaze that locked with Tarzan’s. He wanted to protest, wanted to say what it all really was but it didn’t matter really. It was in the past and…and Kiba liked to think he had another chance to make something right. Smiling with apology, he whispered, “Thank you Tarzan…sorry for being such a downer.”

Snorting he shook his head and looked up when Tarzan got up, lips parting, he looked down and then back up again. Swallowing hard, he replied, “Yeah sure. Let’s get down…ah.” Moving slowly, he shuffled until he was hanging from the branch and then carefully climbed down another. “Shit, I really should have thought this through.”

Tarzan wasn’t listening. Talking about their relationship so straightforwardly  left a ringing noise inside both his ears. His head felt fuzzy. He was just happy he managed to say all that. Everything was fine. Of course it had hurt in the beginning. Kiba was the first person to ever show Tarzan what it felt like to be liked. Maybe even loved. But he knew now; the world wasn’t as cruel and dark as Mok had made him believe. 

He rolled his eyes shut, easily jumping off the branch they were on only to hang from it with one arm, dropping on the one below it and proceeding to jump, from branch to branch, pausing only when noticing that Kiba wasn’t following him as easily as before. He smiled a bit, looking up at him. “Dogs are not good climbers because they are afraid of falling.” The zombie began to climb up again, pausing when reaching the branch Kiba was on. “Cats have plenty of lives to spare.”

The way he stuck his chin out at Kiba showed a hint of arrogance. A playful one surely. Something he mimicked from all the chick flicks and bad soap operas he had watched during his months in school rather than studying. “I have offered to carry you before. The offer still stands.”